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rooftop access

Free of Falls, Free of Worries

We help each individual company create a safety plan that is specific to their company, and the SmartAnchor Fall Prevention System has already made area commercial and industrial roofs OSHA-compliant and a lot safer, in any weather, vastly reducing the chance of an accident. The SmartAnchor System consists of MIOSHA-approved anchors installed on the roof that workers clip-in to. The anchors are connected by steel cable and arranged in a way that allows workers access to the entire roof. The system ensures that if workers lose their balance, the anchor and harness will prevent them from falling over the roof’s edge.

indoor height access

Safety First

SmartAnchor can also be installed in indoor surfaces to protect employees and maintenance workers as they access elevated areas of your production facility, warehouse, store, etc.

A Safer Place to Work Is a Better Place to Work

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