Interested in lowering your heating and cooling bills or getting rid of drafts? Notice obvious deterioration? Want to eliminate winter ice buildup? Have a roof leak? Regardless of your motivation there are a few essential steps you can take to get an accurate roofing estimate. 

Contact a Michigan roofing contractor.  A trustworthy contractor will ALWAYS come to your location to inspect the roof before providing an estimate. By inspecting your roof and applying their knowledge and expertise the roofer will determine the following:

  • The portion of existing roof (if any) that will have to be removed. Your existing structure, the number of layers already on your roof, and local building codes will determine how much weight your roof can withstand. A roofing specialist can use this information to determine the most effective and cost efficient solution for your unique circumstances.
  • The construction materials that have been used on your roof.
  • The exact measurement of the roof. Obtaining an accurate measurement is critical to providing a reliable estimate and avoiding unnecessary expense. 
  • The pitch of the roof and its implications on the complexity of the roofing project. If you have a pitch it may be simple, steep, or have multiple dormers.
  • The condition of the decking beneath your roof. Depending on maintenance history, damage or normal wear and tear some repair may have to be completed before a roofing system can be applied.
  • The status of the insulation. If the existing insulation has been compromised or is insufficient some replacement or repair may be necessary.
  • Any existing damage around the turbines, vents, chimneys or other structures on the roof. These are common problem areas and should be inspected regularly.

After the evaluation process is complete the contractor should discuss the findings with you and explain how they will impact the options available for your roofing project.  You will also have an opportunity to ask general questions and discuss your preferences and priorities.

These may include items like:

  • How will the new roof impact your energy bills?
  • Do you prefer a specific style or color?
  • What is the timeframe for completing a project like this? Share any specific deadlines you may have.
  • Are there any “green roofing” solutions available?
  • Are there special maintenance requirements for the roofing solution we are considering?
  • What is the lifespan of the roofing solution we are considering?

The information gathered from speaking with you and inspecting your existing roof will then be used to create an estimate based on your unique circumstances and objectives.  Where available, creative options like the “metal roof retrofit” and splitting a large project into two, can be used to achieve your desired results while working within your budget.  It’s a good idea to read the estimate closely to avoid misunderstandings.  Ask your contractor questions if you see something confusing or that you don’t agree with. Having all of your questions answered before the project begins and your agreement modified “in writing” will only ensure your satisfaction with the final results. 

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