The same seasons that make Michigan a fun place to live and work also create some significant roofing challenges. Many of the roofing systems that work well in other climates fall short when tested by the extreme temperatures and humidity changes experienced in Michigan. Bitter cold winters and sweltering hot summers can take their toll on a roof and create steep heating and cooling bills.

How do you determine if a roofing solution is optimal for Michigan’s climate? First, choose materials that can withstand extreme cold and hot climates without breaking down or absorbing moisture. Select a roofing system that has the potential to lower heating and cooling costs throughout the year. These are demands that many traditional roofing systems fail to meet in Michigan’s climate.

Stay Cool in the Summer

The white Springfield SmartRoof™ has 86% reflectivity, which helps keep the inside of a building cooler in the summer. According to Today MSNBC, using white roofing material is so effective at keeping buildings cool and reducing the “heat island effect” that many cities like New York and Philadelphia are sponsoring “cool roof” rebate programs where businesses are paid to paint their city rooftops white.

The “heat island effect” may not be as big of a concern in northern Michigan, but anyone can benefit from a cooler building during summer months. The special reflective qualities of the Springfield SmartRoof™ go beyond what simple white paint can provide, creating an even cooler environment all summer long by combining reflectivity with enhanced insulation.

According to non-profit group, the Cool Roof Rating Council, although reflective roofing colors and material can save money on cooling costs in the summer, this benefit has little impact on winter heating bills. This is largely due to the fact that the sun is far less intense in the winter and is not a primary heat source. A reflective roof does, however, create lower overall surface temperatures, which means the roof takes less abuse during all four seasons. A roof that experiences less overall fluctuation in temperature will maintain a better condition and protect your building longer. With a Springfield SmartRoof™ in place a business will spend less money on cooling in the summer, will have no increase to heating bills in the winter and the roofing materials will experience less wear and tear.

Retain Heat in the Winter

Sophisticated thermal imaging equipment can be used to determine where energy is escaping from a building. Once it is known where energy is lost, a strategic plan to preserve and even capture energy can be implemented.

Carefully designed insulation and airflow systems can help minimize heat loss. More efficient heating and cooling systems can also be installed to minimize heating costs. Creative solutions, such as using solar panels to harness the sun’s light and energy can be effective in lowering your heating expenses. Springfield Commercial Roofing experts specialize in discovering missed opportunities for energy savings.

Protect Against Moisture

Water damage is a serious threat to any building that experiences four seasons. All roofing systems require some form of regular maintenance or check-ups to ensure that they are in good working condition. There is a significant advantage in selecting a waterproof roofing material to work with. Springfield Commercial Roofing has chosen to use Duro-Last roofing materials. Duro-Last materials are created from a PVC membrane and are not only watertight, but also highly resistant to punctures and ice damming. Springfield roofers use large fabricated deck sheets, which completely seal a roof’s surface meaning fewer seams where water could seep in. Custom flashings made under optimal factory controlled conditions complete this waterproof roofing system. Together these components create a proven vapor barrier to protect your building investment. In many cases these highly durable roofing materials can be applied over an existing roof to save you time, money and eliminate environmental waste.

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