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The Responsible Solutions to Mold Coalition has declared August “Mold Awareness Month.” RSMC is a consortium of associations, companies, government and academic organizations dedicated to communicating accurate, science-based information on controlling mold. The group was launched at the International Builders’ Show in Orlando, Fla., in January 2006. 

“Our message is simple: If you control moisture, you’ll control mold,” said Paul Shipp, treasurer of the organization and principal research associate at USG Corp. “By declaring August ‘Mold Awareness Month,’ we want everyone with an interest in construction and remodeling to know that they can keep moisture out and therefore prevent the onset of mold primarily through attention to detail during the design, construction and remodeling process.

“This is also an appropriate time to focus on mold control because summer is coming to an end and homes are about to be sealed up for the fall and winter,” Shipp continued. “Inspections should be carried out throughout the house for signs of moisture intrusion—which can lead to mold. These areas of moisture intrusion should be remedied before mold becomes a problem.”

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