Whether you are looking at roofing options for your new construction or getting ready to replace an existing roof you have probably heard about “green” roofing.  You might be wondering what exactly is a green roof or an eco-friendly roof and why would it benefit me to consider this option.

There are different types of green roofing, one being an actual roof covered in plants.  One of, if not the largest rooftop “park”, is the one found covering two parking garages in Chicago’s Millennium Park.  These vegetated roofs are fully covered in plants and even full sized trees.  Although a roof like this is earth friendly, improves air quality, and has many other benefits, you are probably looking for something a little more realistic for residential or commercial roofing in Traverse City Michigan.

If you want something earth friendly yet you aren’t sure what you can do short of a rooftop garden, consider a Springfield SmartRoof™.   The SmartRoof™ is a highly reflective, nearly indestructible, material made in part from recycled cooking oil and accepted as a green roofing solution.

The Springfield SmartRoof™ is a roofing membrane that can usually be installed directly over your existing metal or shingles.  By not removing the old roof, you not only save on time and labor, but also eliminate landfill use.   Although the white colored SmartRoof™ has the highest reflective value, Springfield now offers a “shingle-looking” option as well. 

A roof is much more than just the aesthetics.  The right roof will protect you from outrageous heating or cooling costs; save you from constant repairs and can even improve storm drainage.  The Springfield SmartRoof™ provides your northern Michigan home or commercial building with all of these advantages.

When considering your Michigan roofing needs remember Springfield SmartRoof™ for the best “green roofing” solution. To contact us for a free evaluation call 231-263-5300 or click here: Michigan Roofing


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