We have recently been focusing on our fall protection procedures and equipment.  This article is a good resource to get started and to reference when reviewing your procedures.  Below is a summary for each of the points they discussed.   The article in it's complete entirety can be found at http://bit.ly/vCeuGX written by Mark Robins, Senior Editor of Metal Construction News.

10 Things you need to know about fall protections & liability…..

  1. Falls happen – each year falls consistently account for the highest number of fatalities in the construction industry….
  2. Plan for it – engineering to eliminate the fall hazard, have fall protection equipment, personal fall protection, emergency rescue plan….
  3. Use lifesaving equipment – anchorage, body support, connectors, & descent/rescue…
  4. Select correct equipment – an anchorage must support 5000 pounds for a single tie-off point for one individual….
  5. New technologies – companies are constantly developing products to keep workers safe from fall hazards….
  6. Get trained – be sure your training program is comprehensive & well documented….
  7. Liablility & enforcement – compliance with rules in effect at a project location may vary from state to state….
  8. Violations – penalties vary according to the severity of the violations…
  9. New regulations – OSHA requires employers to follow the original fall protection guidelines from 1995…
  10. Monitor your fall protection – inspect your employees' use of safety equipment & safety procedures to see if they are working safely…

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