Should you sign a contract for roofing services in December?  In Northern Michigan?  ABSOLUTELY.  Wouldn’t it be better to wait to sign it until spring?  We encourage people to make their roofing decisions as soon as possible and sign their contract so that they can “guarantee” the pricing of the materials.  Material prices often jump during the first quarter of each year and as a buyer, you are protected if you can lock in the price in the fall.  Also, there is always the possibility of a warm week during the winter when your project may be able to be completed.  Certainly, some types of re-roofs can be performed with no trouble during the winter once the snow if removed.  Plus, if a spring re-roof is needed – having your signed contract in our office ensures that you are at the top of the list when the good weather returns to northern Michigan.  So, we recommend that you pull out those contracts, sign them and get ready to say bye bye to all of your roofing problems.


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