Let’s all Jump on the Energy Band Wagon!!!  Hey, why not?  Is it not trendy and cool to save energy?  Utility companies are giving rebates, every company (including ours) are using the words “Energy Star” and “Save Energy” and “Green” in our advertising.  My question is this:  Is this a trend or have we accepted the fact that we MUST be cognizant of our energy consumption forever?  I hope it’s the latter and that we all do whatever we can to conserve our precious resources and save money while at the same time earning points for being “trendy” and “cool.”  I’m just happy that now-a-days people say to my husband and I – “Wow! Are you the people who live off the grid?  That is SOOOOOO cool!”  About 10 years ago, their comments were more along the lines of “What’s wrong with you people?  Can’t you afford electricity?  Why do you have a windmill in your yard?” 

 I’ve jumped on the Energy bandwagon for life.  How about you?


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