The team of Springfield Inc. has reason to celebrate!  The Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued Patent US 8,156,700,B2 dated April 17, 2012 to Springfield Inc. for their innovative new SmartShield™ Product.  A longtime leader in problem solving, Springfield has developed an energy efficient method of mechanical insulation that is fail proof.  Springfield has been installing this system in local fruit and food processing facilities for a couple of years now under the patent pending status.SmartShield™ Pipe Wrap  Food Processers love this system.  It is installed on the inside and the outside of their facilities on pipes and ducts.  This newly patented system is energy efficient and will save customers money on their energy and maintenance costs, will keep facilities in strict compliance with F.D.A. and OSHA guidelines, and will eliminate the need to replace the system every 5-7 years (as is typical with the current insulating systems).  Click here to read the complete press release and to find more information about this product.

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