It’s GORGEOUS in Northern Michigan and as a roof – – – I can rise above it all and have incredible views.  From the top of the Springfield SmartRoof ™ on the Masonic Lodge in Cadillac, I can see nearly to Lake City to the East and Boon to the west.  I can watch the water skiers and sailboarders on Lake Mitchell and Lake Cadillac.

Springfield Traverse City project

Hannah Lay - Traverse City

From the top of the Holiday Inn in Traverse City (another Springfield project) I can see all the way out to Power Island, and from the Hannah Lay building I can watch the yacht club races every Wednesday night.  As a roof, I also enjoy my perch high atop Graceland Fruits in Frankfort where I can see the sparkling waters of Lake Michigan.

Ahhh, it’s great to be living in Northern Michigan!

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