Start the campfire – it’s time for the annual company touchy-feely moment.  Time to update the Company Mission Statement, Company Purpose Statement and list of Company Core Values.  Oh and don’t forget about the elevator speech – that needs to be updated too!  As much as I kid around about the “Kumbaya” stuff – – – – -it has really helped our company to develop statements that everyone can remember and articulate to identify our philosophy.  For example our BHAG – Big Hairy Audacious Goal is as follows:Company Goal

To have such a great reputation that 95% of our contacts only trust us to do their work.

That is a pretty BIG and hairy goal since Springfield offers integrated SmartRoof ™ services including solar lights, solar ready roofing, energy efficiency thermography studies, permanent fall arrest systems, repair services, and mechanical pipe insulation.  We believe that if it’s on the top of your building…….Then “We’re on Top of It.”

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