FIVE smart moves to keep your roof for a long time!

1) Keep Your Roof Clean.  Stuff on your roof keeps your drains from doing their job.

2) Get A Tune-Up.  Oil Change? Annual check-up? Do the same thing for your roof and you can save money and double your roof's life expectancy!Roof Ice Buildup

3) Don't Mess With Mother Nature!  Seeing bubbles on your roof's surface? Have ice build-up or icicles? These are warning signs of bigger problems.

4) Know What You're Dealing With. What's on your roof? Knowing what type of roofing material you have will help you make smart facility decisions going forward.

5) Energy Savings. Want to decrease your energy bills? Without proper insulation, your energy costs go through the "roof" during the winter. If you're considering roofing improvements, we can help you pay for them with energy savings.


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