Did you know what a "mensch" meant?  That's probably why you are reading this article, at least to find out what that word means.  In Yiddish, mensch is the highest praise one can bestow on another person. It's the most supreme characteristics and high ambitions of humanity rolled into a practical, effective, one-syllable word. Take it as an enormous compliment if someone describes you as a mensch business!  Excellent Roofing

What makes you a mensch business?  The following five suggestions would be a good place to start.

  1. Always do the right thing. 
  2. Say what you mean, mean what you say.
  3. Be good to people.
  4. Be dependable.
  5. Be a mensch yourself.

"Bringing the mensch mentality to your company means thinking about your business as a "collective of character" — a group of people behaving and working to the highest possible standard, with intentions and actions beyond reproach. Earn that reputation, and great things are sure to follow." – Michael Hess, MoneyWatch

Especially for a commercial service company, mainly working with the most important part of your building, the roof, Springfield would like to be your "mensch" business!

To read Michael's complete article and definition of the above five suggestions click here:   Is your business a "mensch"?



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