We are all looking for the "deal" when we are out shopping for anything! But you know what they say, "You get what you pay for." This is more true than we want to think it is. Some things you don't need to last you that long but when it comes to your roof you want it to last a very very long time! This is where it can be a nightmare for facility managers having to conscioulsy make the right decision on a large cost item especially the roof. Here are a few helpful hints that might make their job a little easier thanks to The Facility Manager and Benchmark, Inc.

What a facility manager would love is to have his building be of proper design with quality construction and a maintenance schedule that is proactive.  However, in the real world this is not possible most of the time.  There are usually several factors to the equation that keep this smooth process from happening. Unfortunately, most of the time the facility manager is dealing with a leaking roof needing repair ASAP, with not a lot of time to think about what the best solution is going to be. WIth the many options that come with all the roof types that are out there and the regulations you have to follow to keep compliant in all areas, it can get very overwhelming for anyone. 

To start with, Benchmark, Inc. employees Bryan Brunow and Eric Hasselbusch, suggest to get these three questions answered.

  1. How will the appropriate roof design be determined?  In their article they provide a list of criteria to follow giving details for the building form and function, roof contaminants, codes and insurance requirements, slope and drainage.
  2. What measures will ensure the roof system is constructed as designed? Communication, qualified contractors, safety guidelines and building design are critical for a successful project.
  3. How will the system be maintained after it is constructed?  Each type of roof system impacts the maintenance program to follow.

With the proper planning and maintenance schedule, your roof's life should extend beyond it's warrantied promise. Click here to read the entire article in The Facility Manager published on Dec. 4, 2012.


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