Did you know there are specific building code requirements that apply to a reroof or re-cover project?

NRCA's Mark S Graham, associate executive director of technical services, reports in the Professional Roofing November 2012 edition that it's important to know these requirements before starting a reroof or re-cover project.  You can reference Chapter 15 in the 2012 Edition of the International Building Code, Section 1510 to get the specifics on the requirements.  Mark talks about a few of the sections in his article.  Section 1510.1 – complying with the same requirements as a new roof system except for the minimum 1/4:12 slope requirement; Section 1510.2 – roof structure needs to be capable of supporting certain weight; Section 1510.3 – meeting the requirements that decide whether it should be a reroof or re-cover project.  He lists several exceptions based on the condition of the roof; Section 1510.5 – specifics how to determine what roofing materials can be reused; Section 1510.6 – indicates that the manufacturer instructions are to be used as a guideline for the flashing details.  Section 104.11 gives alternative methods that can be used as long as it meets the codes intent and approved by a code official.

Resource – Professional Roofing magazine, November 2012, Reroofing requirements by Mark S Graham

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