The Small Business Administration of Michigan suggests these great tips on improving your one-on-one communication while at work.  However, after reading them, they definitely could or should be used while communicating with anyone, don't you think?

Enhance the communication process with your employees by:

  1. Stop finishing their sentences.Communication skills
  2. Don’t’ say “I knew that” after a team member shares a revelation with you.
  3. Say “thank you” when you receive a compliment from a team member.
  4. Stop using the word “no”.
  5. Stop using the word “but”.
  6. Do not “multi-task” when a team member is speaking to you.
  7. Stop trying to impress your subordinates with how smart you are.

All good tips to get in the habit of doing.

Source:  Small Business Association of Michigan (SBAM) January/February 2013 article by Tom Borg.

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