We are hearing more and more about Roof Daylighting becoming the new trend for residential and commercial buildings. Springfield specializes in evaluating commercial buildings looking for ways to give our client energy savings. Daylighting is just one of the things we look to suggest if the building environment will benefit from it. The Roofing Contractor magazine recently had an article about daylighting and mentioned how “Roofing Contractors are the best resource for the skill, connections, and long-term presence needed to make the most of that investment.”  We will make sure whether is on an existing roof or a new roof that the warranty is not jeopardized and/or included with the roof warranty. Some of the benefits they mention are:

  • reduces/eliminates artificial lighting during the day
  • tax incentives and utility rebates
  • saves energy and improves productivity/employee satisfaction
  • reduces greenhouse gases, water and air polution

Their article is urging roofing contractors and consumers both to seriously consider daylighting and explains that there is a daylighting system for every roof. To read their article in its entirety click here then call us for your free evaluation for your roofs daylighting project! 888-469-0059

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