ladderBE SAFE!  BE SAFE! This is the message that is constantly being given by our management at Springfield, Inc.! We are all sincerely concerned with everyone’s safety; of our employees AND the employees of our clients. We have always installed fall protection on the roofs that we are fortunate enough to work on, in the past, only temporary fall protection but now Springfield SmartAnchor™ is available to install permanently if the client chooses. This fall protection system not only protects our employees but anyone that has to access the roof.

We also want to stress that before you can use the fall protection that we put ON the roof, you have to safely GET on the roof. A portable extension ladder is used a large precentage of the time to get on a roof and used multiply times daily which can become to feel to comfortable to the user. The National Safety Council (NSC) recently did a study and found that there are approximately 300 ladder-related deaths and more than 130,000 non-fatal accidents every year. Most of those are from the ladder not being secured; therefore, becoming dislodged, kicking out, or sliding sideways.

If you are contractor, especially a roofing contractor, the best insurance for your company is to implement a ladder safety program for your employees!

– Resource Roofing Contractor October magazine

Stay tuned for exciting news from Springfield, Inc. that will assist your company with your ladder safety! Best Regards!


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