No one or no company rises to the top without an extraordinary effort. Always being on the lookout for new and better ways is a great way to get to the top or keep climbing. Employee training is the way to keep your company thriving.

Three hurdles need to be overcome. Giving up resources for the training time, risk of losing trained employees, and a willingness to change. It’s an investment for the training but how much do you lose by having a less trained employee do a project?

Once the employee is trained another effort needs to be made to put the new ideas/changes in place, follow through is hard to do. Losing someone you trained should not hold you back from training, the percentage that stays usually out weights the ones that leave and it’s worth the risk to have an all well-trained staff then none.

Re-evaluating your processes can seem to be a waste of time but it’s important to keep updating your systems to pump up efficiency. The best way to learn better or new practices is by watching others—either by classes, webinar, videos, etc.

Employees that are kept in training programs and continue to be motivated by their employers usually stay with their job instead of find work elsewhere.

Providing your employees the opportunity of growth will continue to keep them committed and engaged to being the best!

Source: Professional Roofing magazine December 2013 Elevating Professionalism article by Amy Staska

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