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By Terri Jo Umlor, Vice President

Traverse City Michigan sunrises are beautiful in autumn.  The sun sparkles off frosted rooftops.  As beautiful as this is, it poses a safety hazard for our industrial roof installation crews. Rapidly falling afternoon temperatures can bring on extremely slippery and dangerous rooftop conditions


Hints and Tips for fighting rooftop frost

  • Watch the weather forecast – be on guard for rapidly falling temperatures – – -A warm sunny, dry rooftop can rapidly change into a slippery mess as the temperature falls
  • Don’t bite off more than you can chew – For larger projects, you may need to complete the tear off and recover in smaller segments than you would do during summer
  • As always, use proper fall prevention measures – WEAR your harnesses and attached to life lines and anchors
  • Talk about this danger with your crew leaders and be sure everyone is informed and conscientious of this danger.

Let’s be safely off the roof when Jack Frost visits!


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