Springfield Owners Terry and Terri Jo Umlor claim having fabulous employees is one of their biggest blessings.  But how does Springfield hire, retain and keep these fabulous people happily employed?  Let’s face it, Northern Michigan construction is tough – the summers are hot and many times there is no shade where we are working.  Additionally, brutal outdoor work during the wintertime poses many special challenges.  Even so, Springfield employees seem to maintain a friendly comradery with each other and with management that is impressive.

The following are a few tried and true pointers for retaining fabulous people

  • Ask your field teams for their opinions and thoughts and be willing to honestly LISTEN to their feedback and opinions—After all, they are the ones actually performing the work and their insight will be invaluable to you as the owner and will send them a strong message of “I care about what your work day is like”
  • Allow employees to give anonymous peer reviews of their team mates upon an employees work anniversary and READ and PONDER what your employees say about each other.  Watch specifically for their suggestions regarding safety and teamwork and you will be astounded by the quality and caliber of your team.  We find over and over again that our teams support and help one another and strive to keep each other safe.  Someone who doesn’t “buy in” to that mindset usually will weed themselves out and find another place of employment.
  • Do special activities with your employees – – – go fishing with the group, go to a shooting range with them, throw a Christmas party for them, a card party, and by all means – – -honor them when they have major life events such as marriage, birth of their children, etc.
  • Cover their health insurance and provide benefits such as paid vacation, paid holidays and retirement plans.  Be proactive and do more than what is required by law to treat your teammates as the VIPS that they are!!!

Terry and I hope you have enjoyed these tips on happy employees.  Our team is tremendous beyond belief and we are grateful every day to each and every member of the Springfield team

Below is a photo of some of our guys at the 2015 Fishing Derby and two of our girls at the yearly Girl’s Day Out!

3 guys on a boatgirls day 2


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