Ice Issues 3



(Of a person, policy, or action) creating or controlling a situation by causing something to happen rather than responding to it after it has happened. “be proactive in identifying and preventing potential problems.”

Joe arrived at work in Traverse City on a Monday morning in February in a great mood – the weekend was warm and sunny, the snow was  melting in his hometown of Kingsley and “life was good” until he pulled up to the back door of the industrial plant where he worked as facility manager.  The first thing he noticed was a large ice-cycle had broken free from the roof and smashed a window by the loading dock.  As he looked at that he remembered what Nick Jacqmain of Springfield had told him last fall – “the expansion and contraction of a metal roofed building such as yours creates a situation for ice buildup that can damage your building during a mid-winter thaw.”  If only he had listened and insulated the roof last fall… to make matters worse, he entered the building only to find water pouring in from several locations.   If only he had listened to Nick and had the old roof replaced last summer -He wondered how much down time this would cost him.

Fortunately for Joe, he had his favorite roofing contractor, Springfield Inc. on speed dial and within the hour Matt Brucker and Nick Pascoe were onsite fixing the leaks.  Joe watched them work their magic thinking “This summer I’m going to be PROACTIVE” because when it comes to taking care of my building time is money and being PROACTIVE saves both time and money in the long run.

Springfield strives to educate building owners and managers about the importance of being proactive and giving your roof routine “checkups” to avoid expensive emergencies that could affect your production schedules.

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