Springfield CEO Terry Umlor invented “SmartShield” while searching for a better way to insulate pipes and ducts on the rooftops.  Having water enter a building whether from faulty pipe insulation or a leaky roof is a BIG PROBLEM and inconvenience for the busy facility manager and/or building owner.  Historically, Springfield would arrive onsite, determine the cause of the water infiltration as failed pipe or duct insulation and then call in another contractor to solve the issue.  This often stretched out the time that our building owner/facility manager was experiencing leaking inside the building.  Umlor knew there had to be a better way for the customer to “cover their ASSETS” and so he developed and patented SmartShield.  SmartShield integrates the roof membrane with roof top components (ducts, pipes, and mechanicals) using a proven vapor barrier.

Talk to Springfield today about comprehensive re-insulating your mechanicals during your re-roof project – – Springfield uses materials Made in Saginaw, Michigan at Duro-Last to give you edge-to-edge deck-to-sky protection from northern Michigan weather elements.

Call us at Springfield.  We will Cover your ASSETS.

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