January 2016

 ladder anchorThe team of Springfield Inc. has reason to celebrate today.  The Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued Patent US 9,234,389 dated January 12, 2016 to Springfield C.E.O. Terry Umlor for his innovative Springfield Ladder Anchor product.  Springfield Inc. is well known for its longtime leadership in problem solving, and the SpringfieldLadder Anchor follows that trend with a product that safely secures an extension ladder to the roof of a building in order to keep the ladder from slipping sideways along the roofline or slipping out from the wall at the ground level.  Findings of the Bureau of Labor Statistics study of 1,400 ladder accidents indicate 53 percent of straight ladders had not been secured or braced at the bottom, and 61 percent had not been secured at the top.

The Springfield Ladder Anchor fully complies with the safety requirements for properly securing an extension ladder set forth by OSHA.  It is the result of decades of experience in the field, with our own employees safely and effectively climbing ladders to reach rooftops of every imaginable dimension and grade.  The Springfield LadderAnchor  can either be installed on the top edge of the roof or reversed and attached to the face edge of the roof. Since this product was designed by people in the roofing business, it will provide safe, attractive roof access for years to come.

Everyone at Springfield would like to say “Thank You!” to the following individuals and organizations for helping, leading, and guiding us through this process:  Terry Berden and his team at Great Lakes Stainless for consulting and manufacturing the finished product, Terry Boyd and the team at Gourdie Fraser for initial scope and design work and to Patent Attorney Doug Bishop for handling the legalities.  Most of all, thank you to our valued employees and clients for your wiliness to participate in bringing our idea into fruition.   “We were blessed throughout the process to be connected to so many intelligent and helpful individuals” noted Umlor.

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