In the last few months we have begun expanding our SmartAnchor division. With the approval of our newest patent, the LadderAnchor, and our growing clientele that are looking for smart solutions for their safety needs, we have hired new team members for the division!

Scott pryde Press Release

Scott Pryde
SmartAnchor General Manager

Scott Pryde has joined the Kingsley commercial contractor Springfield Inc. as the Smart Anchor General Manager, the Fall Protection division of the company.   He brings to Springfield over 26 years of experience in Health and Safety, sales and technical service in a number of different industries.


tim korson

Tim Korson, P.E.
Senior Engineer

Tim joined our team in December of 2014 and has been working diligently to help grown the SmartAnchor division. Tim manages all product design and is our lead engineer. He has 15 years of engineering experience.



Eian RichardEian Richard
Engineer Tech

Eian has been with Springfield since January of 2015. He began working with our crew to learn the ins and outs of the business then was transferred to an engineering tech so that he could utilize his experience and education in engineering and CAD design. As well as designing fall protection equipment, Eian also handles material ordering, organizing and disbursement.


Nick Downey

Nick Downey
Engineer Tech

Nick joined the Springfield team as an engineering technician. He has been working on designing custom fall protection equipment. Nick has over 10 years of experience in the engineering field utilizing his skills in product design.


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