Storm from Traverse City

Michigan Storms come on quick and Springfield is ready! This picture is of a storm in Traverse City Michigan.












We love performing re-roof projects in Cadillac, Michigan.  The spring weather does bring some very strong WINDS to northern Michigan. Here are some items to consider for windy day roofing.

  • Double and triple check all trucks and trailers to make sure the load is securely fastened to the vehicle.
  • Tie off your ladder – – attach it to the Springfield Ladder Anchor to ensure the ladder doesn’t slip, slide, or kick out on your employees
  • Only load the rooftop with materials that are absolutely essential for that day’s work – – keep those items secure on the rooftop
  • Use caution when opening bunks of ISO – – whether on the ground or the rooftop, a single piece of ISO can quickly blow away.
  • Is there an area of the rooftop that is sheltered from the wind? Perhaps the rooftop materials can be stored there?

It is important to consider the project when doing a windy day risk assessment.  Most of all, weight down your skinny employees by putting some heavy rocks in their tool belts.

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