When your employees are strolling, ambling, trudging, and trekking “Out on the roof” of your building, please know that Springfield can help them stay safe (and help you stay in OSHA compliance) with Duro-Last Walk Pads.  If you have employees who need to stride, hike, stomp, or sashay across your rooftop as part of their regular job duties you need our Walk Pads.

If you depend on HVAC subcontractors to dawdle, wander, prowl, and traipse across your roof to check on and repair air conditioner units or heating units you need our Walk pads. In fact, as a building owner, you have a legal responsibility to keep people on your rooftops safe from slips and falls.  Good news!!!  The Duro-Last walk pads, while relatively inexpensive and easy to install, reduce slip and fall accidents by 80%.  Saunter on over to the “contact us” portion of our website and give us the opportunity to “walk” you through our roof top safety plan which includes the famous Duro-Last Walk Pads.
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