Good question:  What does roofing and terrorism have in common? We are not trying to worry you, but think about it:  how could a terrorist organization contaminate and poison thousands of people?  Answer:  By getting hired on with the roofing crew thereby gaining access to industrial mixers, vats of cherry pie filling, etc.

Springfield has an extensive background check for all new hires.  Further, our employees are hired from local communities of Fife Lake, Beulah, Cadillac, Manton, Kingsley, Traverse City, Elk Rapids.  Springfield has a very low employee turnover rate and most of our employees have grown up here and have stayed after high school and college to raise their families in this beautiful northern Michigan region.  You can be safe and assured that when Springfield arrives at your job site, you will encounter people from local communities who have undergone close scrutiny prior to being hired by Springfield.cs_avon

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