We our so proud of our President! The following segment was an interview with Nick cut from an article featured in the Traverse City Business news:

JacqmainNick Jacqmain

President, Springfield Inc., 31

Community involvement: TC Young Professionals – Connect Committee co-chair; Chamber ambassador.

Highlight reel from last year: The growth and job creation that our company has produced. Our fall protection department now has a general manager, professional engineer, two engineer technicians, and we have added four new field technicians who help with both the roofing and fall protection sides of the business. I am also proud of the quality we have maintained during our growth. Our roofing department had an average quality score of 98 percent out of 100 in 2015, ranking us as one of the top (if not the very top rated) Durolast roofing contractor in the nation.

Biggest need in GT region in next five years: Quality, affordable housing for young professionals. Finding a decent place that we could afford was a struggle for me and my wife when we were in our early 20s and it has become the most difficult aspect of the onboarding process for new Springfield employees.

Biggest risk/threat to GT region in next five years: The lack of middle class, which relates back to the affordable housing for young professionals.

My next big thing: Continue to experience controlled growth by adding 4-6 new employees to support the workload in the fall protection department. Company owners Terry and Terri Jo Umlor have built a business and working environment that is second to none and, as a team, we want to continue to build on that foundation.

Who knew? When I was in college, I was a wedding DJ on the weekends. The company that I worked for scheduled a lot of jobs in Traverse City and it was during those weddings that I realized this was somewhere I might want to live someday. More importantly, that job gave me experience working with people when their stress and anxiety levels are at their highest.

Biggest fan: “I’ve known Nick for about six years. I have always found him to be professional, while at the same time very personal. He has always taken care of our buildings as if they were his own. I am very happy for him to be receiving this award.”­ – Doug Plumstead, Graceland Fruit

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