Our History

Springfield started as a general construction company in 1985 specializing in northern Michigan roofing. In 30 years, we’ve evolved based on the needs of our northern Michigan clients. Today, Springfield is a patent-holding innovator and installer of commercial and industrial building envelope solutions.

We help businesses, food processors and manufacturers with everything from roofing and re-roof solutions to the installation of advanced solutions for energy efficiency, mechanical insulation, safety and compliance.

Our experience enables us to quickly and effectively analyze roof problems and offer solutions that are guaranteed to work in northern Michigan. And we support our clients with scheduled maintenance and emergency repairs from throughout Michigan.

From roofing to mechanical insulation for pipes, vessels and ducts, solar lighting, MIOSHA-complaint ladder and fall-prevention, we help northern Michigan businesses compete regionally, nationally and globally.



With the help of a dedicated team of hard workers and innovative minds, Springfield has served Michigan businesses for over 30 years.

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