A Comprehensive Building Inspection for Your Company

All Springfield projects begin with a thorough building inspections and report. We follow stringent procedures to ensure a full understanding of the issues to be addressed with your industrial or commercial building.

  • We identify the issues—leaks, ice dams, air leaks, etc.
  • We inspect your building: take pictures, infrared, if necessary; take core samples of roof, make detailed drawings.
  • We write a report or bid that outlines the issues, what is causing it, the recommended solutions and life expectancy of the solutions.

Would you like to learn more about a full building inspection and report for your building? We’ve been performing industrial and commercial roofing maintenance and have been helping business owners and facility managers improve and protect their operations for three decades. Call us directly at 231.263.5300 or contact us for a timely response.

Our office will be closed on December 24th & 25th. Emergency service will still be available!
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