Oil & Gas Industry


Our customer, a large oil and gas company was experiencing problems with enormous ice build-up at their strategic Big Rapids, MI location, and they had serious safety concerns for falling ice. In addition, their metal roof systems were experiencing severe leaking, especially in the winter weather.

After a thorough evaluation of the facility, we found very little (if any) insulation in the roof system, which caused the extensive ice build-up and a tremendous amount of heat loss from within the facility itself. The metal roof flashing was experiencing numerous cracks and separations from the constant expansion and contraction of the metal. We also found loose or missing fasteners in the roof decking.


Our solution was to fill all of the flutes in the steel decking with a custom-made flute filler. We then added the appropriate amount of flat insulation above the flute filler and topped it off with a PVC membrane that completely covered the roof and flashings with a waterproof seal.

In addition to the ice mitigation solutions that we engineered, we found there was an even greater need for custom designed fall-protection equipment throughout their facilities. Since we had already designed a fall-protection system to be incorporated in with the ice mitigation system, we were able to easily design, engineer and install appropriate fall protection systems throughout the rest of their facilities.



The ice mitigation system works flawlessly and the employees are extremely impressed. This company is working with Springfield to integrate these systems into all of their existing facilities.

Our fall protection solutions have been received as solutions to use nationwide. These systems are functional, practical and extremely user-friendly; making it easier to stay safe.

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