Short’s Brewing


The Short’s Brewing Company Bellaire production facility had an exposed fastener metal roof that had little insulation and experienced lots of ice buildup. The way the building was designed, there was no way to get large production equipment in or out without tearing apart one end of the building. Inside the facility, workers struggled with dim lighting and a dripping ceiling from condensation.


SHORT’S BREWING COMPANY experienced a year-over-year production growth of 51% in 2014. Founded by Joe Short in Bellaire, Michigan in 2004, Short’s brewed 22,866 barrels of beer in 2013 and a whopping 34,443 barrels of beer in 2014.



We started with a complete evaluation of the facility and their specific needs. From there, we designed a solution that required us to build an 18′ x 18′ hatch on the roof to allow large equipment to be easily moved in and out of the production facility. This hatch was incorporated into our Springfield SmartRoof™ Retrofit System.

To help with the lighting issues, we laid out and installed 27 Apollo® Solar Light Pipes in the roof for daylighting, which made for a much happier and healthier brew staff. Next, we designed a system to cover the roof with insulation that was made to fit the profile of the metal roof. Additional insulation board was added to eliminate condensation inside. We covered the metal roof with a custom-fit PVC membrane (Duro-Last) and installed a lifeline fall-prevention system to allow workers to safely access and perform work on the roof.



The hatch was successful in the renovation of their brewery; in which they needed a way to easily replace tanks and other large equipment. The fall-protection system allows brew staff an easy and safe way to access the hatch in all weather conditions. The Light Pipes were a big hit throughout the entire processing area and their condensation issues are completely gone.

Throughout our relationship with Short’s, we have helped them with solar installation at their brewery, additional daylighting at the brewpub, and numerous renovation projects.

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