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Case Study

Avon Automotive

the Challenge

Avon Automotive is an engine parts manufacturer in Cadillac, MI. Their very large facility with numerous different types of roofing systems had leaking roofs that were out of warranty. The repair service they were getting wasn’t effective because the multiple roof systems made the tie-in very difficult to maintain. They had ice problems on certain areas of their building. There were areas where a leak could devastate their production and compromise the safety of their workers. Due to the extreme temps associated with their process, they had problems with severe leaking around their hot exhaust stacks. Coordinating work with a front-end remodel, they required a Class 1 and Class A rated system to ensure the safety of their employees and the facility. We recognized out-of-date equipment that needed to be removed from the rooftop with a crane.

Fun Fact

Every motor in America has an Avon hose on it.


    We started with a complete evaluation of the facility (251,000 sq. feet) and began working out a plan with their facility engineer on whether to complete the project in phases or to go ahead with a complete renovation. We decided on a complete renovation and worked with their company on a daily basis on how to work around their facility without causing any stoppage in production.

    Our solution was to remove the current roofing system and decking before adding new decking, insulation and the highest quality PVC membrane. We worked with employees to put tarps over equipment while we replaced decking. We sealed off certain areas below to monitor safety of Avon employees. We designed a stack flashing that worked around their hot exhaust pipes. We provided new pipe stands for conduits and gas lines.

    The project required coordination with plumbers to install additional rooftop drains and electricians to move lines so that production was not interrupted.

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