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Case Study

Graceland Fruit

the Challenge

Graceland Fruit is Frankfort-based fruit processor with a large storage area that couldn’t be utilized due to excess moisture noticed on the walls in certain areas of the building. This was caused by several structural/design failures, including unsealed edge detail, a hollow core wall, cracked block (due to years of freeze-thaw cycle), and places where ballast had punctured the roofing system in several areas, completely compromising the insulation.

Fun Fact

Frankfort, Michigan-based Graceland Fruit is one of the largest single providers of sweetened dried fruits (cherries, cranberries, wild and cultivated blueberries and apples) in the world. Graceland’s products are sold in the United States and in over forty other countries.

    The work


    To address several structural and design issues, we conducted an intensive study of the area envelope with infrared and smoke technology and also core sampling. After collecting all the data, we engineered a solution to solve all of these issues on a permanent basis. That solution consisted of sealing all the air leaks in cooler rooms and within the edge detail, removing wet insulation, applying a vapor/air barrier, installing appropriate insulation (for substantial pay-back), and covering the entire roof from edge to edge with single-ply PVC membrane; perfect for Michigan freeze-thaw weather and intensive wind off of Lake Michigan.


    Graceland could now use this area for cold storage, improving their plant efficiency. The added insulation and tightly sealed structure offered a huge energy savings to the company.

    Throughout our relationship with Graceland, we have designed solutions for rooftop and internal facility fall protection, production equipment condensation issues, natural daylighting, hoisting equipment and the complete envelope evaluation of all of their facilities to lay groundwork for future project budgets.

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