Springfield Comprehensive Evaluations: The Right Information to Make Informed Decisions

A thorough inspection of your building gives you detailed information to reference for your current roofing project or to plan for the future!

For a Springfield comprehensive evaluation, highly trained specialists use infrared cameras, capacitance testing, flux meter and other measurement technology to get a complete picture of the current condition of your northern Michigan rooftop.

It includes ventilation, insulation, drainage issues, and an energy audit.

Of course, expert analysis goes into reading the results and completing your report, which includes photos, drawings, and budget estimates for various potential solutions to help you make the best plan for your building.


Springfield roof ponding evaluation

Springfield energy loss evaluation

A Comprehensive Building Evaluation for Your Company

Would you like to learn more about a comprehensive evaluation for your building? We’ve been performing industrial and commercial roofing maintenance and have been helping business owners and facility managers improve and protect their operations for three decades. Call us directly at 231.263.5300 or contact us for a timely response.

Springfield roof evaluations

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