A Winter-Ready Roof With No Surprises. 

Exceptional roof maintenance and debris removal.


A Winter-Ready Roof With No Surprises.

Exceptional roof maintenance and debris removal.


Damp Leaves Are Putting Your Commercial Flat Roof and Drainage System at Risk

Fall leaves accumulate on your roof and become frozen drain blockage in the winter. The water trapped by leaves causes ponding, blistering, splitting, and ridging—leading to leaks, water damage, and expensive repairs.

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At Springfield, we have the proper tools and safety equipment to quickly and efficiently remove the debris from your roof and its drainage system before it’s too late

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Winter is Coming.
Let’s Get Your Roof Ready.

Our 3 step process makes it simple to get your project rolling.

Step 1. We will visit your location and give a quote on your specific needs.

Step 2. Our team will carefully remove any debris and make the necessary repairs to ensure you get the maximum life out of your roof.

Step 3. Schedule annual inspections so you can rest easy knowing your roof is ready for the next Northern Michigan winter.

Where We Work

Springfield Inc covers commercial, industrial, and government buildings across all of northern Michigan. From Big Rapids, Manistee, to the bridge, and beyond.

Explore the map to see where some of our recent and repeat customers are located. Chances are, we’ve done a roof or natural lighting solution near you.

While we’re located just outside Traverse City, we’re seeing a recent increase in customers calling from the Big Rapids, MI and Manistee areas for roofing and debris removal needs.

Nationally recognized, locally trusted. Give us a call for your needs today.

Don’t let maintenance problems pile up and bite you when you least expect it.

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