How Do I Know I Need A New Roof?

I’m really trying to manage my budget, but I know I need a roof repair. What’s the best strategy? How will I know when I need a new roof?

A: We find that the vast majority of our new clients don’t need a new roof.

Most often we can help them prioritize areas of the roof that need immediate attention and then plan for future repairs and replacement to fit their budgets. As with human disease: the earlier a problem is detected on your roof, the easier it is to treat. The longer the problem goes undetected, the more damage is done, and the more treatment is required. If water finds its way below the roof membrane from one tiny little drip left alone over time, it can cause a catastrophic problem.

We know from experience that a well-maintained roof will last twice as long as one that’s been ignored. Our goal is to help you make your roof last as long as possible. We also know that an emergency roof repair usually costs 30% more than a planned project. Why? You can bet that your roof will fail during the worst weather, when you have too much going on to compare techniques and products, and when roofing companies are the busiest.

For most roofs, the “devil is in the details.” In the wide-open, clear expanses of your roof, you’ll rarely have a problem, even if you have an inferior product on your roof. The majority of deficiencies occur at the transitions or changes in plane, angle, or where there are items penetrating the roofing (piping, exhaust systems, air conditioning units, nails, etc.). Problems arise when previous roofers have done the job incorrectly or poorly. We can service a roof and fix little problems before they turn into big ones. Sometimes we can peel back the roof in the problem area only, clean out all the wetness and repair the waterproofing membrane and then put the old roofing material back on for a fraction of the cost of replacing an entire roof.

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