My Roof Is Leaking!

My metal roof is leaking… what can I do?

A: We’re seeing an epidemic of metal roof failures in Michigan. For many years, metal roofs that were designed for unheated pole barns were installed in the area. Further, many roofers installed these roofs by putting 40 fasteners per every 100 square feet. Even with a gasket and sealer around each screw or nail, the expansion and contraction of the metal in our northern Michigan climate will quickly elongate the hole and, before you know it, your roof is leaking.

To have an effective metal roof in the freeze/thaw conditions of northern Michigan, two things need to happen. First, you’ll need an under-layer that is completely waterproofed before the metal goes on; and second, you’ll want to install a standing seam metal roof that doesn’t require exposed fasteners.

Metal roofing can be effective if done correctly. We install standing seam metal roofs. These utilize a clip method, so there are no holes in the metal. The roof panels actually move with the clips during expansion and contraction. We also completely waterproof metal roofs with an ice and water shield. We then add a second waterproofing layer: a plastic reinforced product that serves as a “wear layer” between the metal and the waterproofing.

The right kind of metal roof correctly installed can cost more than some other types of roofs – three or four times the cost of shingles. Businesses in northern Michigan that are making the upgrade to standing seam metal are very comfortable with their decision and very happy with the results and to have their maintenance costs go way down and their frequent emergencies disappear. For many local businesses, the standing seam metal roof is simply a better solution and a better value.

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Water damage can cause lasting problems. Waterproofing solutions can help your roof function for many years to come.

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