Roof Maintenance Program

That driving Lake Michigan wind… piling snow, ice melting and re-forming –and then there are those humid 100-degree days in the summer.

…Forever expanding and contracting until the bitter end, your roof shoulders the brunt of nature’s elements for your business.

The key to protecting your roof for the long haul and keeping your operations humming along rain or shine? Regularly scheduled preventative maintenance.

Statistically, the lifespan of a commercial roof that receives regular inspection for minor damage and wear & tear, and is promptly repaired to keep its integrity intact is double that of a roof that is repaired only for major failures.

Well-maintained roofs last longer, cost less, and protect your business operations worry-free through their lifespan.

When your business is included in the Springfield Roof Maintenance Program you maximize the return on the investment you’ve made in your roofing assets.

We work with you to determine the best scheduled maintenance and inspections plan that can:

  • Keep your business compliant with OSHA and FDA regulations
  • Keep all the manufacturers’ warranties valid on your roofing materials
  • Identify and fix a failed seam or tear before it turns into a costly tear-out replacement
  • Double the lifespan of your commercial roof*

Learn more about our Roof Maintenance Program—give us a call today.

*Commercial roofs that are regularly inspected and maintained statistically last twice as long as roofs that do not receive regularly scheduled preventative maintenance 

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