What is our Environmental Standard?

Almost every service we perform helps keep northern Michigan beautiful and our planet green.

Our Smart Solutions—re-roofing, solar lighting and mechanical insulation—are envelope upgrades that reduce carbon emissions along with the cost of doing business.

And our green roof installations literally bring nature to buildings and reduce their footprint.

Many chose to live and start businesses in northern Michigan because of the natural beauty. Every Springfield employee is here in part because of nature. So we try to preserve and protect it.

Serving the environment is a mission, a standard that aligns 100 percent with serving our customers:

For example, we do everything we can to save existing roofs and substrates—unless they’re saturated or out of compliance—because it saves our clients’ money, and that also saves resources and eliminates a vast amount of potential waste. The greenest building is the one that’s already been built.

At Springfield, protecting your operations and making your buildings more efficient is a promise to you—and also a promise to northern Michigan.  

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