Fall safety compliance made easy and cost-effective.

Custom Platform with LadderAnchor™ For Safe Access to Mechanical Equipment. Just call Springfield.

In northern Michigan, commercial and industrial building operators have one great source for everything they need in fall protection. Springfield’s Smart Safety team provides innovative custom solutions to achieve your three fall safety goals:

  • Exceeding OSHA requirements
  • Sending your employees home safe every day
  • Saving money.

Custom Platform with LadderAnchor™ For Safe Access to Mechanical Equipment


From Assessment to Installation and Beyond—Leave It to the Experts.

Great solutions start with great insight. Working with your staff, our Smart Safety experts begin with a complete top-to-bottom assessment of your building and what goes on in and around it, identifying hazards and safety needs. That’s why our custom solutions are the right ones and, more often than not, are less expensive than off-the-shelf systems.

Following the assessment, we’ll work with your team to develop a plan for fall protection and/or rooftop safety, and from that plan, build exactly the right system for your facility, including innovative equipment you can’t get anywhere else.

Next, the most important step of all. After your system is installed, our certified Smart Safety professionals will provide expert, motivational, hands-on, in-plant training—because the value of your safety equipment depends on people understanding and using it.

Finally, we can keep on saving you time and money by providing expert inspection and maintenance services.  


Innovators of Superior Safety Products.

Smart Safety solutions include our own inventions–-technology we created to keep our own crews safer on the job. The Springfield LadderAnchor™ is a tested and proven device for ladder safety compliance with many benefits for contractors and building owners. Our SmartAnchor™ systems are an ingenious way of preventing falls from rooftops and other elevated areas.  


Injuries and Fatalities from Falls are Unacceptable.

  • A work-related injury resulted in an average loss of approximately $38,000 including wages, productivity loss and medical expenses (National Safety Council, 2005).
  • The penalty for a serious OSHA violation is approximately $12,675 (
  • Federal OSHA estimates that for every $1 invested in workplace safety and health, employers see a return of $4 to $6 dollars.

OSHA standards kick in at heights of 4 feet for industrial workplaces and 6 feet for construction sites. Springfield Smart Safety addresses all elevations. We’ve learned this is critical in caring for our own workers. We’ve developed innovative designs and strategies to keep workers from falling off of overhead platforms, elevated work stations or into holes in the floor and walls—technology that goes beyond OSHA requirements for safe working conditions.

Meeting fall protection standards is mandatory. But there’s a right way to do it. That’s Springfield Smart Safety.

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