Smart Safety Design

Our in-depth assessment of your specific safety needs enables the engineers on our design team, led by our in-house structural engineer, to come up with the optimal design for your plant. No two safety systems are exactly alike, but these 3D drawings—which are examples of what we prepare for our clients—illustrate our approach to designing custom solutions that are as affordable as off-the-shelf equipment.  

Cable guard rail system designs often include portable ladder access secured by our LadderAnchor™, engineered anchor points and self-retracting life lines (SRLs). Placed around infrequently visited locations, these systems reduce risk of falls at a much lower cost than conventional guard rails.

Designs for safe elevated and multiple-level work platforms can include structural reinforcement, safe ladder access, secure platform transitions, SRLs and horizontal lifelines in areas where there’s little room to stand.

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