Smart Safety Means Smart Training

With Springfield, training isn’t an afterthought involving a PowerPoint and donuts in the break room. Training is the key to everything, because establishing a culture of safety increases the value of the equipment we install many times over.

Our goal is to turn your employees into safety advocates.

Our training program is hands-on, in the plant, for every piece of equipment we install, everyplace a harness is used, and for fall safety in general—based on our initial assessment of your fall-safety needs. Why? Because it’s proven that people remember what they learned in hands-on training but forget classroom-only training.

OSHA says your people need to be knowledgeable in the use of their equipment. Springfield says they need to be motivated to do the right thing every day and knowledgeable enough to teach new hires.

Springfield Smart Safety fall-protection training is so comprehensive, we make it available not just to companies who buy equipment from us, but to any company that needs to satisfy OSHA requirement 1910.30(a)(1):

Before any employee is exposed to a fall hazard,

the employer must provide training for each employee who uses personal fall protection systems or who is required to be trained as specified elsewhere in this subpart. Employers must ensure employees are trained in the requirements of this paragraph on or before May 17, 2017.  

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