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Innovations That Help Northern Michigan Compete

We’re extremely proud of our ability to help northern Michigan compete regionally, nationally and globally. We dig in and address the most important maintenance and operations challenges facing area facility managers and business owners. Here, find details about our range of solutions in industrial roofing, envelope and energy efficiency and safety that are making operations better and workers happier, and that are saving businesses money on maintenance, downtime, energy, fixed costs and compliance:

Springfield Smart


Safety Division: SmartAnchor™ Fall Protection

Falls kill. Discover our MIOSHA-compliant safety solutions for safe access to rooftops, safe use of ladders, and even access to elevated spaces inside a warehouse or production facility.


Safety Division: LadderAnchor™ Ladder Safety

The simple, easy way to secure a ladder to a roof before you climb it. A low-cost, effective solution for ladder safety compliance.


SmartShield™ Mechanical Insulation

A revolutionary, patented solution for that improves the efficiency and integrity of pipes, ducts and vessels, including those used in food production facilities. Stop leaks, stay FDA compliant and never need to replace your insulation every 7 years again.


SmartLight Solar Building Lighting

Dubbed as “skylights on steroids”, SmartLights reduce or even eliminates some production facilities’ need for electric lighting during the daytime. Plus, natural light does miracles for morale.


SmartRoof™ Re-Roof Solutions

For industrial and commercial roofs that last longer in Michigan’s freeze-thaw climate, have market-leading warranties, more efficiency: flat roofs, sloped roofs, metal roof retrofits, rooftop patios, green roofs.

Facility managers ask for it, we deliver, with integrity


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