Smart Ladder Rest

Here’s the simple, ingenious, cost-effective solution for ladder safety compliance. If you’re responsible for sending people up on a roof, Smart Ladder Rest is your best choice for getting them back down safe and sound. Developed by one of America’s most innovative commercial roofing contractors for their own workers’ safety, Smart Ladder Rest gives you the edge in every way

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Send ’em Home Alive and Well

When a worker is injured, disabled or killed in a fall, it’s a tragedy for everybody—family, community and employer. But every accident is preventable. That’s why installing Smart Ladder Rest is smart business and the right thing to do.

  • OSHA compliant pursuant to regulations 1910.23 and 1926.1053(B)(1).
  • Field tested.
  • Extremely easy, low-cost installation on flat or pitched roofs.
  • Tested and proven to provide excellent ladder security.
  • Durable, rugged, recyclable.
  • Available in stainless steel only.


The Best Choice for Your Buildings

Why building owners and maintenance and safety managers should install Smart Ladder Rest on their buildings—or specify it in contractor bids:

  • A simple, low-cost, maintenance-free way to reduce injuries and liability and meet ladder safety compliance requirements.
  • Visually unobtrusive maintains the building’s aesthetics.
  • Can’t be used for unauthorized access to the roof, unlike permanent ladder systems.
  • Show employees you’re committed to their safety.
  • Counter fear of heights by providing a stable, secure ladder fall-protection system.



The Best Choice for Contractors

Why roofing, HVAC, solar and building contractors should install Smart Ladder Rest on their clients’ buildings:

  • Greater safety for your own employees—ladder-related slip-and-fall injuries are a major cause of worker injuries, disability, and death.
  • A great low-cost leave-behind for your customers’ benefit.
  • Set your business apart by showing your professional commitment to your people’s safety and theirs.
  • Reduce lost time and liability issues for you and your customers.
  • Improve workers’ productivity and concentration by countering fear of heights.
  • Helps with employee attraction and retention.

Protect, Empower, Save.

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What Smart Ladder Rest Users Say

“My job includes inspecting our contractors’ roofing work, so I’ve personally used a contractor-installed [Smart Ladder Rest] many times. [Smart Ladder Rest] eliminates the possibility of the top of the ladder slipping sideways. The contractors I work with are very concerned with job safety and are always trying to improve safety procedures. Not having a solid anchor point for the top of the ladder has always been a safety concern without a foolproof solution. [Smart Ladder Rest] is the solution.”
– Jon Stafford, Duro-Last Roofing, Inc.

“I’m the maintenance supervisor for 26 convenience stores and our corporate buildings. It’s my responsibility to see that our guys do things in ways that are OSHA approved. We’ve had [Smart Ladder Rest] installed with several roofing jobs. Our guys and the HVAC contractors who have to go up on our roofs really like [Smart Ladder Rest], because they don’t have to climb the ladder before securing it to the roof. The ladder is secure before you leave the ground. It can’t slip sideways or downward. It’s simple and easy. I’m looking forward to seeing [Smart Ladder Rest] installed on all our stores.”
– Dan Walton, Schmuckal Oil Co.

“We decided to install a good ladder-safety system after one of our custodians was injured when a ladder slid out from under him. We looked at other ways, but [Smart Ladder Rest] made the most sense. We installed 26 of them on our buildings, so easy installation was important. It works with different ladder sizes. It’s visually unobtrusive, and since we have kids who try to find ways to get on top of our buildings, we can’t have permanent ladders on our walls. Our maintenance staff really likes [Smart Ladder Rest]. It’s a solid, simple, easy solution for ladder safety.”
– Paul Thwing, Director of Capital Projects and Maintenance, Traverse City Area Public Schools

A portion of the profits from Smart Ladder Rest sales will be donated to The Rock Youth Center in Kingsley, MI.


According to the United State Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • Roofers suffer the fourth highest fatality rate of all civilian occupations, 14 times the norm for all occupations (2015).
  • Falls account for 17% of all worker fatalities (2015).
  • 20% of fatal falls are from ladders,18% from roofs (2010).
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