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Patented Protect Revolutionary Lifespan

For Pipes, Ducts and Vessels

We knew there had to be a better way to protect the ducts and pipes that could potentially be the source of food contamination. And we were right. After two years of R&D to create a mechanical insulation product that would protect better and last longer, we started offering SmartShield to food processors in 2008. In 2012, the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office granted us a patent. View the photos on this page to see what SmartShield looks like, both before and after:

Food Processors Love It

…And So Do Their Accountants

SmartShield clients enjoy almost immediate return on investment through energy savings, less maintenance, and reduced wear and tear on compressors. And the need to replace your mechanical insulation every 5–7 years? Not anymore. SmartShield is a better solution for mechanical insulation, and leads the industry in quality and performance

Prevents contamination

Protects the mechanical and thermal integrity of vessels, pipes and ducts.

Protects against ammonia vaporization inside pipes

Prevents internal moisture absorption and degradation of insulation.

Greatly improves energy efficiency

Protects the thermal integrity of your mechanicals.

Keeps you in compliance with FDA and OSHA rules

Protects the physical integrity of your mechanicals. Withstands expansion and contraction to maintain contamination compliance.

Reduces heat transfer into pipes

A completely sealed protective jacket around insulating materials helps maintain temperature of liquids.

Easy to clean and sanitize

Feel good about the cleanliness of your operation.

This System Lasts and Lasts

In many cases, the system may never need to be replaced. Enjoy the savings on maintenance and replacement costs over the years.

Mechanical Insulation that Protects Better, Lasts longer, FDA approved

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