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Designed to Fit and Serve Your Business

We offer SmartRoof re-roof solutions for flat roofs, sloped roofs, metal roof retrofits, rooftop patios and green roofs. Each takes advantage of state of the art roofing materials and incorporates our own patented innovations, designs and techniques. SmartRoof re-roofing solutions are more advanced, efficient and durable than the roofs being replaced.

The difference in performance is something businesses notice right away—from the employees on the floor who enjoy better working conditions, to the front office executives who appreciate improved productivity and lower operating costs.

years of knowledge

Experience Matters

We’ve been in the commercial roofing business in northern Michigan for 30 years, and whether it’s Short’s Brewing, Alcotec, Anchor Lamina, Hillshire, Graceland, Demmer Corporation, Tyson Foods or Graceland Fruit, we make customers happy with the innovations we’ve developed and perfected over decades of roofing, which have become the hallmark of our business.

Precision Plumbing & Heating

A testimonial from one of our great customers! Precision Plumbing & Heating is located in Traverse City Michigan.

SmartRoof Re-Roof Solution: Flat Roof

Learn how our proven approach to re-roofing flat roofs with Duro-Last PVC membrane is protecting northern Michigan operations from moisture and lowering costs with the ability to add needed insulation.

SmartRoof Re-Roof Solution: Sloped Roof

Equal parts easy on the eyes and technically state of the art, for a roof that makes you look professional while it makes you money by reducing maintenance and heating-cooling costs.

SmartRoof Metal Roof Retrofit

No need for an expensive tear-off on that metal roof with our insulation-PVC retrofit that solves your leaking and noticeably reduces your heating and cooling costs.

SmartRoof Rooftop Patios

Always wanted one for your business? We don’t blame you. You can make your building more attractive and improve employee morale with a Springfield SmartRoof rooftop patio, the solution with a view.

SmartRoof Green Rooftop

Cool in more ways than one, a green roof is not just a statement, but also a great way to keep your operation cool in the summer without cranking the A.C.


High tech and low maintenance so your roof serves your business, not the other way around.

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