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More Protection Better Insulation

Industry-leading warranty

The centerpiece of the Springfield SmartRoof™ for flat and low-sloped roofs is Duro-Last, an Energy Star®-rated single-ply vinyl membrane manufactured right here in Michigan that we custom fit for your building. Duro-Last accommodates new insulation to increase your R value (its resistance to heat transfer) and allows for re-roofing without an expensive tear-off. Duro-Last comes with a base 15-year labor and material warranty when possible—the strongest we’ve found on the market. Duro-Last roofs are not voided because of ponding water, unlike many other roof warranties.

Energy Savings

The Power of Reflectivity

When you choose the Springfield SmartRoof™ System that uses Duro-Last in white, you’re getting a single-ply membrane that’s Energy Star®-approved. Changing the color of your roof alone will have an enormous effect on the building's cooling costs. When choosing the white-colored membrane, it will never be more than 10 degrees warmer than the air temperature. The reflectivity of the membrane will cause your heating and cooling bills to fall dramatically. Duro-Last is insulation-friendly, and The Springfield SmartRoof™ System may include installing one or more layers of polyisocyanurate insulation above the roof deck that will further aid in reducing your building's energy usage.

Innovative Application Designed for up north

Designed for Up North

We apply Duro-Last in a way that maximizes its envelope seal and reduces the need for future maintenance (even after repeated exposure to northern Michigan temperature swings and our freeze-thaw cycle). Then we add innovations in ladder and fall-prevention to make your roof safer for employees and workers who access the roof or elevated areas on your interior space.

Here are more advantages of the Springfield SmartRoof™ Re-Roof Solutions:


Can often be installed over an existing roof, sometimes avoiding the removal costs of expensive tear-offs.

Excellent warranty

Industry-leading 15-year warranty on labor and material.


Can reduce energy costs by 50%.

Long Lifespan

Can last decades with proper scheduled maintenance.

Withstands High Winds

Engineered fastening patterns can withstand high winds Ae offers protection from hurricane-force winds.

Resists Snow and Ice Buildup

Reduces snow and ice dam buildup.

Energy Efficient

Insulating your roof deck is one of the best ways to conserve energy and lower energy costs and can accommodate SmartLight solar lighting fixtures.

Maintenance Free

Maintenance Free with recommended regular cleanings.

Michigan-made Material

Roofing membrane manufactured by Duro-Last in Saginaw.

Innovations in Design, Application and Safety

A SmartRoof™ uses advanced roofing materials, applied in an innovative manner that maximizes performance and lifespan. And it includes patented safety features to prevent falls.


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