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Ice Damage

Typical metal roof building with ice dam problems due to insufficient roof insulation

How it works

Completely Seals, Insulates

We cover your roof with Duro-Last, a prefabricated vinyl membrane. It’s an advanced material made in Michigan that we apply over your existing metal deck. No tear-off required. First, we add two layers of insulation covering to raise the R value (the resistance to heat transfer) of your building and ensure a flat, smooth surface to which the Duro-Last membrane is mechanically fastened. Prefabricated flashings for stacks and other penetrations are then heat-welded onsite. The result is a monolithic, leak-proof seal that is maintenance free and that can reduce your energy expenditure by up to 35 cents per square foot.

A Roof that Says Triple Bottom Line, and Puts Green in Your Pocket

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