Solves metal roof problems without expensive tear-off

Metal roofs with exposed fasteners are great for unheated structures such as pole barns, but with a heated industrial facility, the expansion and contraction that occurs with the freeze-thaw cycle in Michigan can wreak havoc, allowing water to penetrate through the holes caused by exposed fasteners in hundreds of places. Common problems with metal roofs are ice dams, stack and vent leaks, degraded edges and poor energy efficiency.

With the Springfield Metal Roof Retrofit, you will have a permanent solution to these problems and get dramatic energy savings.

Springfield fixing ice issues 


Typical metal roof building with ice dam problems due to insufficient roof insulation


Completely Seals, Insulates

We cover your roof with Duro-Last, a prefabricated vinyl membrane. It’s an advanced material made in Michigan that we apply over your existing metal deck. No tear-off required. First, we add two layers of insulation covering to raise the R value (the resistance to heat transfer) of your building and ensure a flat, smooth surface to which the Duro-Last membrane is mechanically fastened. Prefabricated flashings for stacks and other penetrations are then heat-welded onsite. The result is a monolithic, leak-proof seal that is maintenance free and that can reduce your energy expenditure by up to 35 cents per square foot.

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